Knowledge Management System

Knowledge Management(KM) is the hottest topics of the internet world today. It is the process where organizations create value from their intellectual and knowledge based assets.

In General, knowledge can be classified into two types:

1.Explicit Knowledge

2.Tacit Knowledge.

1.Explicit Knowledge:

Wikipedia says, Explicit knowledge can be articulated, stored and codified in a certain media.Explicit Knowledge can also be easily transmitted into others.

2.Tacit Knowledge

Tacit knowledge is a knowledge which is difficult to transfer to another person by means of verbalizing and writing it.It is just opposite to Explicit knowledge where people are not aware of the knowledge they possess.

Knowledge management should meet the minimum demands like knowledge sharing, collection , transference and storage.Knowledge management system possibly includes:



3.Files management system.

4.E-mail server.

5.Schedule Management Software.

6.Cross Platform Computer Environment.

7.Analyzing Software to produce knowledge.

The basic idea behind this knowledge management system is to enable employees to access the company’s documents base of facts, solutions and sources of information.

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Knowledge base software in Businesses

In General, a knowledge base is a dynamic resource having the capacity to learn , as part of an artificial intelligence(AI) expert system and it is not a static collection of information.According to W3C, the internet may become very large and complex global knowledge base which is known as the Semantic Web.

Well organized knowledge base software can manage all the information’s related to employees and their customers. It might save company resources and money, making your investment most worth. This software has been used to upgrade customer sales service for the largest finance enterprises along overseas.

Most of the enterprises procure large amount of information about the services and employee details. Managing data’s for large customers need more financial services of the company.

In general knowledge can be accessed at three stages:

Each organization have tried various knowledge base activities and it tends to be more essential now a days.Most Big MNC’s are opting for this knowledge base software because they can share the information to their staff members very freely even if they are present in one or hundred locations.

There are plenty of software applications are available in the market to manage finance of your
company. But knowledge base software is a great tool to answer for customer queries also simple and easy to use. They allow users to access data’s in a proper workflow.Several Software applications are availabe to create their own knowledge base software either separately or combining with other another application.

This is used to enhance the organizational knowledge through healthy practices of organizational learning and information management.The main purpose is to transfer a value to the business.
Number of Factors induce how important KBF Software running in big enterprises:

  • Businessmarkets and the rate of innovation are competitively increasing.
  • Competitive Pressures that holds useful business knowledge will drastically reduce the size of the work.
  • Usage of knowledge base software in businesses will lead to reduce the amount of staffing and time in the big companies.
  • Work Force leads to loss of knowledge because of increasing mobility and early retirements.
  • The Number of time available to existence and obtain knowledge has been reduced.
  • Alteration in strategic direction which may lead to loss a knowledge in a unique area.

These factors will show how KB Software will become essential for successful company while combining both knowledge and business.This will not cause any major problem for big companies.
Small business management needs coventional approaches even more,because small companies doesn’t have resources and market influence where the big companies do.They should  take more effective decisions , even small mistakes in small enterprises can be fatal their own business.

This software helps to increase the conversion rate and lower the cost by providing cost effective technical support. Here the main objective is to provide the professional and efficient way of customer service.

Build profitable knowledge base software to meet the needs of your customers that ultimately define your success.

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Features of Knowledgebase Software

Knowledge bases are one of the main requirements for any business, especially from the customer service perspective. They are a store house of information. This information is valuable to the clients. When a website has a knowledgebase, visitors can find information that they need by themselves. They may be looking for something specific,but they can benefit from all information related to what they are looking for. It is an important tool in Customer Relationship Management and saves the time of both the customer and the customer support staff.

Knowledgebase software is used to construct knowledgebases and it goes without saying that the features and benefits of such software should give value for the money and time spent on using them.

So lets see what are the ideal features that a knowledgebase software should have.

  • First and foremost, the software should be easy to use. It should be easy to install, customize and use.
  • Admin Control Panel – ability to control who has access to what areas
  • Ability to set up work flows.
  • Accessibility from any browser.
  • Authentication of users from remote locations.
  • No limit on user privileges.
  • Ability to generate statistics and reports.
  • Clear nomination of roles and privileges.
  • No limit on content.
  • Categorizing and tagging facility.
  • Different ways of displaying categories and folders.
  • Ease of use in categorizing and displaying articles from different folders.
  • Easy to upload articles.
  • Ability to add attachments to articles.
  • Ability to designate articles as readable only by role specific users.
  • Easy to make updates to articles.
  • Easy to add images.
  • Easy to print/export information.
  • User friendly templates.
  • Customized templates.
  • Look and feel of knowledgebase should be changeable to suit the website design.
  • Have a FAQ section about the knowledgebase and how to use it.
  • Helpdesk.
  • Ability to rate articles.
  • Ability to share articles.
  • Ability to comment on articles.
  • A very good search feature.
  • An extensive glossary.
  • Ability to view latest and most popular articles.
  • Provision for providing feedback, suggestions, asking questions.
  • Password reminder facility.
  • Admin that responds to feedback/questions effectively.
  • Support in multiple languages.
  • SEO friendly urls and content.

An effective knowledgebase software is one that incorporates all these features. When it is thus, it makes it worthwhile for both the business and the clients. Its not enough to have information. To provide this information in a structured and easily accessible fashion is the duty of a good knowledgebase software.

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Knowledge Base and Knowledge Base Software

What is Knowledge Base?

Wikipedia defines knowledge base as, “…. a special kind of database for knowledge management, providing the means for the computerized collection, organization, and retrieval of knowledge.”

A knowledge base is a dynamic database of information. It is used as a tool for knowledge management, for gathering information, segregating the information into appropriate categories, and making it easily available for a person looking for the relevant information.

A knowledge base is very commonly used as a tool in Customer Relationship Management. It is an integral part of the Customer Service provided by any business. Data is made available to customers who can search for the information they require. This allows them to find what they want without having to contact a person at the business. When this happens, it saves the time of both the customer and the customer support staff. It cuts-down the response time for the staff, making it easier to provide effect service. This in turn saves resources for the business.

Knowledge Base Software:

Now that we know what knowledge base means, its evident that knowledge base software is used to construct these knowledge bases. It helps to optimize data collection. This data is then organized with the help of the software into ordered formats, making retrieval effective.

The knowledge base is like a storehouse of information. It can be a dynamic collection of information. The database is generally related to a particular subject or product. A website can use knowledge base software to create a knowledge base about the product(s) or services that it deals with.

For example, a website that offers services for the preparation of government forms will have a database regarding the various forms, the eligibility requirements to fill the form, the processing times, application procedures, etc. A customer looking for information about a particular form, or the filing fees can find the information he/she requires by visiting this database and looking up the relevant category. This makes it easier for the customers to find information by themselves. They need not waste time trying to call customer service. (The lines seem to always be busy only when we try!) This customer finding the information by himself/herself means that its one call less for the customer support staff to handle. So its a win-win situation for the staff and the customer.

A good knowledge base software will make the collection, organization and retrieval of data a simple and easy process for everyone involved. The business should be able to share its knowledge through the database. So the software should ensure that entering the information is easy. It should also be easy to put the information in appropriate categories or folders.

The knowledge base software should provide features to make the organization of the information simple to understand. It should also be able to establish an hierarchy for the users who can update and edit the information. It should further ensure that persons looking for information can understand how to use the database. Hints and tips need to be provided to simplify usage. The search feature should be customized according to the information provided in the database.

In case of dynamic information, where users are allowed to edit the information, the knowledge base software should provide a feature to update the information while saving the older information for reference.

When the knowledge base software is effective, it becomes a very handy tool for both the business and the customer.

Salient Features that a Knowledge Base Should Have:

  1. It should be easy to find information in the database.
  2. When the information looked for is not found, there should be an alternate solution – like a prompt about where else to look, access to the Customer Support number or the ability to send and email to Customer Support.
  3. It should offer a lot of customized features and should be browser based.
  4. Access should be provided based on the role of the user, whether customer, support staff or administrator.
  5. Means to control what users can do.
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Why People Choosing Knowledge Base Software?

Why People Choosing Knowledge Base Software?

First of all, Knowledge Base Software(ie:KB software) is a database where user can use it in their applications to organize their datas.Organizing the data will ensure their results are related to their solutions and problems.It is very easy to use, integrate,organize and secure the datas.That is the reason, people who are aware of knowledge base software are opting for this knowledge base software database.

The Main objective of this knowledge base software is to distribute the results very accurate and in a user-friendly manner to the person for completing the business tasks in a scheduled time.It also improves the in-bound team performance and the customer satisfaction level.

Here is the typical image example which shows how knowledge can be effectively share between staff,customers and the partners.

knowledge base softwareKB Software can also be integrated with the 3rd party system which helps to provide a quality and service.It can also be used in other back office applications.

These above mentioned usabilities will force people to choose this knowledge base software.

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